UV-C Room Disinfection Tower


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UV-C Room Disinfection Tower

Lightron Room Disinfection Tower uses UV-C Technology to disinfect the air and surface area of a Room.

UV technology is used worldwide in water purification, food processing units and hospitals etc. Now, as people are working in a pandemic stricken world, there is also a high need of keeping our home and work spaces protected against disease causing germs, viruses and bacteria. This Room Disinfection Tower uses no harmful chemicals and toxic elements to kill the viruses. And it is especially very effective to disinfect objects like Laptop, Phone and electronic gadgets which cannot be disinfected with chemical and liquid disinfectants. It has two high power 32 Watt UV-C Germicidal tube lights with a wavelength of 254 nm, which disinfect everything in its range from eatables to non-eatable products.

As prolonged exposure to UV-C light can cause Irritation to eyes and skin, please ensure there are no human and pets in the room while the disinfection process is on. The Tower is operated through Remote Control. For your safety there is a delay start of 15 seconds, so that you can leave and close the door before the disinfection starts. After the chosen disinfection time on the remote, the operation stops automatically and the UV-C tube lights turn off. Then, you can enter the room.

Please follow the disinfection time as per the Sterilization Chart on the Tower and the User Manual.

How to Operate:

Choose the Disinfection Time as per the size of the Room. Please read the Instruction Manual to check the size of your room and required disinfection time.


1 year Warranty on the Disinfection Tower, 6 months Warranty on the UV-C Tube lights.

Remote Control operated disinfection Process. 15 seconds delay start for your safety. 360 degree disinfection of the room, furniture, walls and surfaces.

Kills 99.99% of disease causing germs, virus & bacteria and all the belongings kept in the room will be disinfected.

Disinfection Time can be set from 15 minutes to as per the size of the room. Auto turn-off after the disinfection.

Completely eco-friendly way to disinfect your Home, Office Spaces & Consumer Places.

Disinfects Electronics, Cash, Papers, Water-bottles, Groceries, Beauty Tools, Gym Equipment, Jewellery and Clothes etc. in the room. Safe to disinfect baby bottles, toys, clothes etc.

Kitchen Disinfection: Can be safely used to disinfect kitchen and food items.

Clothes Disinfection: Disinfects your everyday clothes and occasional clothes, prevents the fungus, mites and mold spores to grow inside wardrobe & clothes.

Bathroom Disinfection: Disinfects Bathroom, Toothbrushes and Personal Grooming Tools etc.

Lightweight & Portable: 1.2 Kg lightweight metal body to easily carry around different places.