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About Lightron Industries PVT. LTD.


Corporate Overview :

LIGHTRON INDUSTRIES, (P) Ltd. an ISO 9001:2008 certified company established in 1997 in Pink City Jaipur (India) is leading manufacturer of highly Energy Efficient Electronic Control Gears for general & LED lighting and wide range of indigenous LED Lamp & Luminaries.

Dealer Network: Well established Dealers / Distributors network in all major cities throughout India and exporting direct& indirect to African, South Asian countries and Israel from where our products reach to US market.

Showroom : Factory retail outlet showroom in the name LIGHTRON LED Private Limited as our subsidiary Sales & Marketing unit is located at prime location in Jaipur city at address as shown above.

At LIGHTRON INDUSTRIES (P) Ltd., we are committed to provide high quality, reliable and cost effective products with appropriate warranty to customers and shall give the best to universe always upholding our maxim:

Energy Efficiency => Economy & Prosperity


LIGHTRON INDUSTRIES (P) Ltd., since its establishment 1997, has been successfully serving the field of energy efficient lighting. LIGHTRON® specializes and excels in Design, Development and manufacturing of a wide range of LED Luminaries, Drivers and Controls for LED and Solar Lighting, Electronic Ballasts for power saving CFL, PLL, FTL, MHL & CDMT HID Lamps and Electronic Transformers for Halogen Spot & Projection Lamps. Over the years, we have acquired extensive knowledge and experience of highly reliable and energy efficient lighting products and it is our mission to build on it further, with new products, to fit the ever changing needs of Lighting Industry. Our motto is “Energy Efficiency implies Prosperity”.

Products Range

We provide total solution in the field of design and manufacturing of complete range of LED Lighting products including highly reliable Drivers for maximum Luminous Efficacy and Longevity of all types of LED Luminaries. We also manufacture PWM & Microcontroller based Solar Charge Controllers with D2D & MPPT functions coupled with Solar powered LED Lights.

In addition to above, we are still manufacturing energy efficient and reliable Control Gears including Electronic Ballasts for CFL, PLL, Fluorescent Tube Lights, Metal Halide, CDMT and other HID Lamps and Electronic Transformers for Halogen Spot and Projection Lamps widely used in medical & surgical equipments by domestic manufacturer which are exported to many countries of the world.

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