UV-C Sanitizer Cabinet for Coronavirus & other Germs


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Lightron UV-C Disinfection Box

Lightron UV-C Disinfection Box

The LIGHTRON UV-C Disinfection Box uses UV-C light at the wavelength of 253.7nm to kill viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. This chemical-free and hassle-free sanitization of personal belongings like Mask, Wallet, Notes, Keys, Mobile, Newspaper, Milk Packets, Vegetable, Grocery and food items etc will ensure your good health and peace of mind in daily life.

The box is large size with 28 Liter capacity to disinfect bigger size items easily, yet its unique as it’s light-weight and compactly designed to carry easily. It has a digital timer that lets you set desired time to disinfect the items as per their size and turns off automatically as the disinfection is over. The UV-C lamps and ballast are of high quality with superior life time and the chrome coated interior surface of the box ensures 360 degree disinfection of vegetable, fruits, grocery and everyday use items.

Keeping the safety standards high, the disinfection box has been certified at the NABL accredited lab.

• 1 Year Warranty on product and 6 months Warranty on the UV-C Lamps. Includes 1 Disinfection Box which comes fitted with 2 best in class Phillips UV-C Lamp (254 nm)(11W). A User Manual provided.

• Capacity: Large size, 28 litres capacity to sanitize various size of objects like: mask, gloves, newspaper, keys, wallet, notes, mobile, laptop, jewellery, clothes, fruits, vegetable, milk packet, packed food and delivery parcel, file & folders etc.

• Usage: Household, Commercial & Medical. Portable & Lightweight yet sturdy with powder coated metal body.

• Disinfects 99.99% Germs within a few minutes. Completely Safe & Eco Friendly way of disinfecting. Surround reflection and refraction for 360 degree sanitization.

• Safety Switch: Lights turn off automatically if the door is opened. Power Consumption:25 Watts , Voltage: 230V 50Hz.