UV-C Compact Hand Held Sanitizer


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UV-C Handheld Sanitizer:

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic broke down, the UV-C technology was used worldwide to disinfect water and food processing units. Now realizing the power of UV-C light in deactivating viruses, microbes & bacteria, we have used the same technology to disinfect the surfaces being used by people. The UV-C light with wavelength 254 nm emitted through the sanitizer can disinfect surfaces, water and air it is exposed to. The UV-C treated products and surfaces are 99.9% Germs free. The Sterilizer is portable which allows the user to easily sanitize larger surface areas used by multiple people.


Disinfects Cars & Buses, Ambulance & Buses, Office Desk & Conference Tables, Hospital Bed & Dental Clinics, Food Processing Units & Restaurants, Classroom & Halls and Delivery & Food Packages.

Ideal for sanitizing products which cannot be sanitized with liquid sanitizers like Laptop, Phone, Watch, Electronic Gadgets and Jewellery etc.

The ergonomic design allows for easy movement to ensure complete disinfection by avoiding shadows and sanitizing every inch of the surface or product you want to sanitize.

The Handheld Sanitizer can disinfect Household Grocery, Vegetables, Clothes, Food & Drinks also.

Lab tested Sanitizer with 1 year warranty and On Call Support. Post warranty the support will be provided for lifetime with nominal charges. It comes with UV protected Googles, User Manual & Warranty Card.

How to Use:

1. Plug in
2. Keep the opening face of sanitizer about 1 inch above the surface to be disinfected.
3. Press the round switch, the UV-C light is emitted as long as the switch is pressed.
4. Move the Sanitizer in left-right and back-forth motion to sterilize.
5. Release the switch to turn off the UV-C light.